From Dawn Rosenberg McKay,
Your Guide to Career Planning

You may be thinking of relocating to a different part of the country. You may have many reasons for wanting to leave your current home, but it’s not just like you can pick up and go. You’ll have to find a job in your new home. Before you make your final decision to relocate, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

1) Are There Jobs Available in My Field?
While jobs may be plentiful in your field in one city, there may be far fewer employment opportunities in another. Before you pack your bags, see what jobs are available by looking for local job openings. Also find out what employment trends the experts predict for the future. Make sure you can find work in your new home.

2) What is the Cost of Living and How Much Can I Expect to Earn?
The cost of living varies from place to place and with that so do salaries. Find out what salary you can expect and how the cost of living compares with your current one.

3) Will the Work Environment Be More Stressful?
Let’s say you want to move from a small town to a big city. The environment in which you’re used to working may be somewhat laid back if you are coming from a small town. Things may move at a faster pace in a big city. Can you handle that? Do you want to?

4) Will the Work Environment Move at a Slower Pace?
While moving from a small town to a big city can mean a more stressful work environment, doing the opposite can mean one that is much more quiet. While some people may appreciate the calm, you may not be one of them. You will have to decide what type of environment will keep you motivated.

5) What Will My Daily Commute Be Like?
You may be used to driving to work everyday, but some locales aren’t amenable to that. You might have to rely on public transportation. Or, you might be used to an efficient public transportation system that won’t be available to you in your new city. You may be used to a quick drive to work, which will no longer be possible if you move.

6) Will My Significant Other Be Able To Find A Job?
Your partner will probably need to find a job too. If there aren’t opportunities available for both of you, this move may not work out.

7) Will My Work Environment Be More or Less Formal?
How formal your work environment is will effect everything from how you dress for work to how you greet clients. Generally speaking, work environments in bigger cities tend to be more formal than those in smaller towns. If you cringe at the idea of wearing a suit to work everyday, you should consider this.