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Articles on Relocation

Things to Do Before Moving

One Month Before Moving Obtain an IRS Change of Address form, call 1-800-829-1040. Gather moving supplies, boxes, tape, rope. If moving far away, make any necessary travel arrangements like airline, hotel, and rental car reservations, [...]


Making a Move With Your Dog

By Alexey Kazaryan Often when we move, we’re so busy with packing and preparing for the move that we forget to give proper attention to our pets. Making a move with your dog, like for [...]


Top Ten Relocation Headaches

Not Having Enough Details & Demographics About Your New Hometown Gather as much information as possible about your new destination, from sources such as the internet, Chamber of Commerce newcomer packages, location magazines and your [...]


Relocation Issues for Kids

by Shelley Seale, Every year, one out of five American families move. One of the most important issues to anyone with kids is their reaction to the news that they're moving and their adjustment [...]


Making the Move Easy on the Kids

Moving from one house to another is seldom easy and fun for adults, and it can be especially troubling for children. But if parents deal with their children’s concerns and needs thoughtfully, much of that [...]