The Yvette Clermont Team 2015 Fall Newsletter

Fall 2015 – Are We Present Enough?

Now that Halloween is behind us and the holidays are quickly approaching, I have been thinking about how to be more present with my family and friends. We all are pulled in so many directions with obligations that we put upon ourselves as well as the ones we just can’t avoid. I know I try very hard to multitask and often find it makes me less efficient, sometimes confusing being “busy” with being productive. That can happen at work or home…

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The Yvette Clermont Team 2015 Winter Newsletter

Winter 2015 – Great New Mortgage Changes

FHA reduced their Monthly Mortgage Insurance after January 26th, 2015 and could be more affordable for you! The FHA monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium has been reduced by 50 basis points, which will make a nice impact for borrowers. This monthly savings could make a difference in the home price you are pre-approved for, so call us today to discuss your individual loan options.

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