It’s never too early to get pre-approved and it’s important to understand there is a difference between a Pre-Qualification and a Pre-Approval.


  • Provides a “ballpark” estimate of your buying power.
  • Is based on summary information of your income and assets.
  • Requires a satisfactory review of financial documents and program requirements to issue final approval.                                                                
  • Is offered by most lenders.                                                                                                


  • Provides proof to real estate agents and sellers you’re pre-approved for a specific loan amount.
  • Is bases on verification of your income, credit and assets.
  • Is completed in advance to avoid unnecessary stress.
  • We offer this service at no cost before you find a home.

Having a full pre-approval early will not only give you buying and negotiating power as the parties to the transaction will know you are set to go, more importantly it will give you peace of mind knowing your price range is set.  The lending and approval process has changed significantly over the past several years and if you have financed before you may find us asking for more than we have in the past.  Our team is experienced and savvy with walking you through the process to avoid unnecessary paperwork and frustration.

Our recommendation is to call us at least 6 months before you are ready to buy.  This will give time to correct any mistakes on your credit report, determine what amount you will need to buy your home, and learn about the market in the price range and neighborhood you are considering.  It will give you time to interview a good inspector, insurance agent and attorney or title company if need be, so you can enter the buying process educated and ready to make the right decisions for you.  We work with a team of real estate professionals that we trust and will introduce you to throughout the process.

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