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Does not shy away from a challenge, and was there for us when our family needed them. Yvette and team took on a relatively small cash-out refinance with several deed/title issues while showing great experience, compassion and enthusiasm. Thanks Inlanta Mortgage.
Kamia M., Bushnell, FL
You’ve gone the extra mile, trying your best on our behalf. We are completely aware of this effort and genuinely are grateful that you are representing us.
Bruce J., Sarasota, FL
This mortgage company has provided an extraordinary service! The ladies worked together and everything went very smoothly. They were very experienced and efficient. I had a wonderful experience with them! If I decide to buy something else in the future, I will definitely go to them. I strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to buy a house! Thanks!!!
Summer B., Bushnell, FL
I really felt as though the staff went above and beyond my expectations!
I. Taeger, Saint Petersburg, FL
They made us feel special. The whole team was great, and worked very hard to put us in our new home. No matter how many questions, or how many phone calls I made to them they were always cheerful, and ready to help. I will be recommending Yvette Clermont and team to everyone I know. Thank you all for making our dream come true.
Brenda & Larry B., Bradenton, FL
I loved how everyone kept me in the loop as to how the process was happening and what to expect. Any questions that I had they were answered promptly and I never felt like I was bothering anyone. No question was to small or large for everyone to answer.
Mary S., Green Bay, WI
As this was my first home purchase I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I was shocked by how smooth the process was. The whole team knew my situation every step of the way. It was an incredible experience and I have already recommended you to some family and friends. Yvette spent 20 minutes talking me through what I needed to do to get prepared for purchasing a house when I had no idea what to do. I came back a month later when I was ready and loved the experience. I can’t think of anything that could have been done to improve upon, it was seriously a great experience every step of the way.
Billy and Elena B., Bradenton, FL
Let me return the favor and congratulate you all on the service we received from the entire team through this mortgage process! Yvette, it was wonderful to meet you personally at the closing! You all made the entire process so extremely smooth! We never had a question or concern that you all didn’t answer immediately! It’s very evident that the entire team is very well-versed in every aspect of the process and that every one of you can answer questions on each client’s file with very little effort. Never did I get passed on to another person to answer the question I had. That’s very remarkable in this day and age! We all know that great personal customer service is becoming harder and harder to find. You, as a group, certainly win the prize in our book for being totally on top of the entire process!

We will enjoy continuing our relationship with the Team and will look for every opportunity to sing your praises to others! We are thankful that our realtor steered us in your direction! You made this house purchase very simple!

Ed and Wendy S., Punta Gorda, FL
At first we were nervous about buying a new home. Everyone at Team Clermont has went out of their way to make us at ease, and have been on call for every question we needed answered. We think they really enjoy helping people’s dreams come true on buying a home.
Larry & Brenda B., Bradenton, FL
Yvette and her team were wonderful to work with when my wife and I purchased our home in June 2016. The level of service that Yvette and her team provide clearly sets her apart from other mortgage brokers I’ve worked with. That service continued beyond the closing, as Yvette and her team followed up to make sure everything had gone according to our expectations. Additionally, they provided us with a video montage of our new home, suitable for sending out to friends and family as a notification of our new home. I will not hesitate to use Yvette again in the future for our mortgage needs, or to refer to our friends.
David H., Venice, FL
The professionalism and courtesy of everyone on the team. Everyone we spoke with was pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable and made the experience as stress-free as possible.
Mike & Nancy C.
You have an outstanding and knowledgeable team! Positive attitudes, professionalism and they really made me feel comfortable.
Melanie L.
I definitely had a very excellent experience working with you all and would not hesitate using you again with my future mortgage needs and will be very confident in recommending other people to use you as well.
Rhon V.
We worked with Yvette when we bought our first home roughly 11 yrs ago and she made an impression on us then which is why we wouldn’t go anywhere else. I cannot pick one part of the mortgage process that was the best because the WHOLE process with Inlanta is wonderful, beginning to end. They are professional, spot on with everything and explain everything so you can understand. I would recommend Inlanta to everyone if I could.
Amy B.
I am sitting in my new living room just in straight awe right now! Thank you to everybody!
Andrea P.
Working with Yvette and her team has been wonderful. We have no fear when working with Yvette as we know the job will be done correct, efficient, and with great communication.
Grant & Brittany L.
It was a pleasure working with Yvette and her team! They were extremely responsive to my many questions as an out-of-state home buyer. They made our home purchase in Florida from 1,000 miles away in Ohio virtually seamless. True professionals!
Q: What was the one thing where you feel we went above and beyond your expectations?
A: Your general helpfulness. As far as me getting you info and your explanations of events to me.
Rob B.
Q: Why did you end up selecting Inlanta Mortgage over other lenders?
A: Inlanta has a better reputation.
Hayley B.
We experienced a nightmare with our current lender. We almost didn’t close in time due to their constant delays. We contacted Inlanta and the girls went from beginning to close in 8.5 days!!!!! They worked their butts off for me and my family to get the deal done. Had I kept with current lender, think I would have lost the house. Thanks Inlanta. ?
Charles and Sarah A.
Responding on Sundays and holidays to help this final sale become a reality. The constant back and forth throughout the whole process, and the immediate responses etc. Although this is my first home and I have nothing to compare this process to, I still know it went extremely smooth and everything that needed to be completed was outlined for me extensively and crystal clear. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful!
Jordan B.
Prompt responses from the team, very friendly and professional, and able and Omg to do what was needed to close quickly.
Very personable staff that was professional and made process stress free.
Laura H.
The personal, professional and friendly service from every member of the team. To be honest, my expectations of Yvette and her team were so high I don’t think they could’ve have exceeded them at this point. But she and her team have clearly met my expectations. I’ve never worked with a mortgage company that does the things you guys do! You’re the best!
David H.
I’m enjoying the lack of problems with the mortgage application process and progress to date. No problems have surfaced and Yvette has kept us informed all along the way.
Hi, I have to tell everyone, “What a great experience I had with the Clermont Team of Inlanta Mortgage. They helped me get a home after so many tries of mortgage companies giving me the run around for a year with lack of communication and support. At times I felt I was treated like less than a human being by companies who would not communicate my progress and left me hanging for months.

I wanted a home of my own. After much going through “less than pleasant experiences” my last hope was the Clermont Team of Inlanta Mortgage. They (Clermont) actually listened to me and really cared and wanted to support me and my dream of a new home. It was like we were family. They worked very hard for me, went that extra mile and explained to me every step of the way about the process. The communication was outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone that needs help and wants to be treated like a human being. They walked me through everything and they really do care! I just want to give my biggest thanks to them for helping me reach my dream of having a home I can call my own.

I also want to give Gail a special THANK YOU! You helped me keep the hope and made me feel like a person and not a number or pest. God Bless you all for giving me a second chance at life. Best wishes to the very best at Clermont.

Jeff M.
I met Yvette through our BNI Chapter. That only allowed me to know who she is. We had a 1-2-1 and I was impressed with her dedication to her clients and her work. On top of that, the testimonials about Yvette from other BNI members are nothing short of excellent, so when it came time to apply for a mortgage there was no question we would work with Yvette.
Inlanta did a great job summarizing what was needed for the home buying process. I always knew what was in my court and what was in theirs.
I didn’t look at other lenders–went with Team Clermont because I used them back in 2008 and had a great experience then too.
Right on time!! They did what no one else thought they could…what an unbelievable group! Yvette actually called the seller who was writing me off because I had an FHA loan and actually got her to change her mind and sell me the house…she is incredible and so is her entire team!!
Joseph M.
Your team is amazing by the way. I am super impressed with how you all communicate, never seem to forget to CC me on things and get things DONE so quickly and efficiently. I feel very blessed to have such a hard working team helping us get our new home!
Melissa H.
Before working with the Yvette Clermont team my previous lender was not meeting my expectations. Now that I am on board with “The Girls” they have surpassed my expectations and provided more than excellent service. It has been a pleasure to be in direct contact, having multiple staff members for support, great referrals for inspectors and insurance, and most of all a genuine personal level of care that gives me security and confidence to purchase my first house. Congratulations to Yvette Clermont and team for such a wonderful job.
Jonathan W., Bradenton, FL
You all did a fantastic job in responding to all the questions and concerns in the mortgage process. You made this process seamless and dare I say convenient. You rolled with the changes in closing dates and made our dream come true.
Derick & Melissa D., Punta Gorda, FL
We had a smooth and seamless transaction for our first house, and the team is very nice and always there if we have questions.
James and Beth S., Green Bay, WI
I again want to say how amazing all of you are. I look forward to the day when I can truly get excited about my new house. It’s a little silly but I’m afraid to allow myself to whoop it up until things are a little more certain. I have faith though.
Maureen J., Green Bay, WI
Your team was very efficient and could do a USDA loan. You had fantastic communication and support even after business hours…you have all been great.
Jon B., Venice, FL
You were recommended by a trusted realtor in our area. The ladies in the office are very friendly and responsive.
Christopher & Kathy P., North Port, FL
Thanks to you and your team for getting this loan done. I am elated. I love Team Clermont. Keep up the excellent work!!!
Miriam E., Gainesville, FL
You ladies are super nice, very pleasant, & always assuring me to contact if I need anything or have further questions.
Tori S., Greenleaf, WI
I was referred to you from an employee at my bank and after meeting your team I knew I was in good hands with you all. [You took] your time with me explaining the process and answering all my questions.
Justin & Rachel S., Venice, FL
I’ve used Team Clermont in the past and trust them. Communication is great, speedy replies to questions.
Paul T., Sarasota, FL
The care and time Yvette took to answer all questions and explain details to my wife with her limited English, was greatly appreciated.
Ted D., Venice, FL
[Team Clermont] provided good answers and appropriate responses to all my questions. They gave me confidence in knowing that all the mortgage issues are properly handled.
Paul D., Englewood, FL
The lender we contacted recommended Inlanta Mortgage/Yvette Clermont and we are glad they did. Everything was done right in our opinion. Yvette and The Clermont Team were absolutely awesome.
Anonymous Inlanta Survey
Keep doing what you are doing. The photos and video were a very nice touch.
Anonymous Inlanta Survey
Team Clermont helped me with my original mortgage and I trust that you ladies have my best interests in mind.
Megan & Kevin C., New Franken, WI
The lender we contacted recommended Inlanta Mortgage/Yvette Clermont and we are glad they did. Everything was done right in our opinion. Yvette and The Clermont Team were absolutely awesome.
Anonymous Inlanta Survey
Keep doing what you are doing. The photos and video were a very nice touch.
Anonymous Inlanta Survey
Team Clermont helped me with my original mortgage and I trust that you ladies have my best interests in mind.
Megan & Kevin C., New Franken, WI
We are in our house, and things are starting to finally settle down. Thank you for all the help in the final hours before closing as things got a little hectic. We appreciate the great service and I will recommend you again in the future.
Brian M.
The whole experience was simple and easy to understand what you were looking for in the way of information and documentation. We think you are doing a great job. Thanks.
Melanie D., Sarasota, FL
I think your group did a great job! We were very happy with your service and would recommend you to anyone. You went above and beyond in everything you did for us. I was impressed with your knowledge and constant communication. It was greatly appreciated!
Todd & Teri P., Green Bay, WI
Thanks for the fun video. Harry and I were very impressed with your hard work and effort to make the Florida property purchase a smooth transition. We will always pass your name on to others if we hear of a need for a home purchase or refinance. Thanks again.
Lori and Harry F., Green Bay, WI
I want to that all of you for your help – it is sincerely appreciated! Throughout the process, and especially whenever complications arose, all of you remained in prompt and thorough communication and that is such a welcome relief to receive such a high standard of quality service. I know our particular loan program was a tad cumbersome, but for our family this home purchase has quite a bit of significance on multiple levels. Please know that we are grateful for your hard work and diligence and look forward to working with you for future properties and we will enthusiastically refer you whenever we have an opportunity. Thank you!
Thank you for recommending such and amazing team! You are top notch in our eyes…Cannot wait to move to FL! Thanks again!
Lina & Ed, Green Bay, WI
You girls are so awesome!!! What a great team! Thank you so, so much!!!
Pure awesomeness! There was not a whole lot of stress pushed my way. You have taken care of everything. I am pleased to say that I have worked with you and Inlanta Mortgage and Team Clermont. This process went surprisingly smooth. I have heard of way too many horror stories of people buying a home.
Paul K.
Always nice to talk to a person every time. And always got a call back when you said you would.
David L.
For purchasing my first home, I felt the services provided by the entire team was wonderful. Very courteous and timely. Truly makes you feel like “family”.
Brooke, Oconto, WI
We received information in a timely manner and were regularly updated on progress. We have always enjoyed working with you. Thank you for your warmth and professionalism.
Steve & Nikki G., Pulaski, WI
We have used Team Clermont for the purchase of 2 homes now. During each of our home purchases, we felt confident and were worry free. They kept in close contact with us through emails and phone calls. We love our new home, but if we ever need another mortgage, we wouldn’t go to anyone else!
Erin & David H., De Pere, WI
Flow of communication has been great. Everybody on the team is involved and knowledgeable to my loan.
Lindsay T., De Pere, WI
I love the fact no matter what my questions were, Yvette and her team were always there to answer. I was a first time home buyer and knew nothing about this process. They were there every step of the way to guide me.
Ricardo A., Sarasota, FL
Yvette Clermont and Team were professional, informative, trustworthy and fabulous to work with! Responded very quickly – surpassing expectations.
I loved that everyone was always available to answer my every little question no matter that we didn’t have a house picked out, or I had a never ending stream of possibly insignificant questions. I always felt like everyone wanted me/us to feel comfortable and truly felt individually valued as a person – not just as a customer. I refer everyone I know to you and will never go anywhere else. Thanks for making our first home buying experience GREAT!
Dani & Josh S., Green Bay, WI
Team Clermont went above and beyond our expectations. They looked at multiple options until they found one that we could work with. They were very patient with us. They kept us well informed on the process and what was needed from us. When we thought that we would have to push off the closing date, they came through. A phone call on a Monday morning had us closing at 4:30 pm the same day! They were amazing!
Kevin and Kim L., Greenfield, WI
Thank you so much for a great example of teamwork. I really appreciate all your hard work and diligence in working with us and for us. I appreciate all of you greatly.
Lynn W., Greenfield, WI
You guys are the only ones we think of when needing a loan. We can always trust everything will be done right and that we will never feel neglected, because your personal care is always the best!
Dale & Leilani N., Greenfield, WI
Thanks Yvette, you guys do such a great job, I think I’ll refinance every year regardless of the rates, lol! Really though, awesome work.
Paul S., Green Bay, WI
We love the way you do business – like we were your only customer! You take time to meet our schedules, you answer all questions immediately and you are so positive, happy and just plain “nice”!! You must truly love your jobs and helping people. We will come again and again for all of our mortgage needs.
Eva K., Green Bay, WI
It is very reassuring to know that you are there for me and my clients! And that is a great feeling!!!
Debi P., Sarasota, FL
Inlanta mortgage was the best company to work with during our home buying process. As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and concerns. The ladies of Inlanta were extremely knowledgeable and more than happy to field all of my phone calls and questions. They really are a company that cares more about the client than the numbers!
Megan C.
I am beyond grateful for the help your team has provided me during the home buying process. I never felt like just another client, and your team went above and beyond my expectations, you made the experience personable, and educated me as w ell. I can give enough thanks to justify the service your team has provided me!
Robert M.
Getting a mortgage is a very trying experience. Team Clermont made it easy for us.
Fred & Donna P., Parrish, FL
I felt like Inlanta mortgage revolved around me. Although I know this isn’t the reality, the way they handle business truly makes you feel like you’re their most valued customer. What a great feeling it is to have a Team of professionals working with your best interest at heart. When roadblocks appeared they were right there helping me get passed them. I’m so thankful for finding out about Team Clermont and will highly recommend them to anyone with mortgage needs.
Kalliya O.
When I was starting to lose hope in my home purchase Inlanta pulled through for me. They really tried everything possible with my loan and I’m so grateful that everything worked out. Thank you!
Melissa M.
It was a great experience working with you. You listened, you were easy to understand, and you responded quickly to all of our questions. You simply made sure that we were happy during the entire process. We couldn’t be happier about working with you. You guys were great!
Eric J., Green Bay, WI
We appreciated how quick and efficiently the loan was processed. It was actually faster than expected, which was awesome. It was easy and hassle free.
Victoria & Ryan S., Greenleaf, WI
They worked flawlessly as a team to make the entire process of researching, buying a new home, selling our home, and financing and buying our new home very easy. We felt very well informed and had great confidence in the work Team Clermont did on our behalf. We recommend Team Clermont without reservation.
Andy & Paula B., Ashwaubenon, WI
They walked us through each step of the process. They were honest and told us exactly what we needed to do. Most companies would have given up on our unique situation. Team Clermont stuck with us and helped us with whatever we needed. They were great!
Kevin & Kim L., Green Bay, WI
You ladies are amazing! From start to finish, we felt comfortable and informed. We never felt stupid for asking countless questions. We loved the step by step process and how great the communication was. We will refer anyone and everyone who doesn’t have a mortgage team!
Megan C., New Franken, WI
This was a very educational experience for me. Having bought and sold several properties over the past couple of years, this was the most difficult. In order to describe how well you did, I would have to explain how poorly the other “lenders” were in trying to get this deal done. Very pleased…our situation was a special case and we ran into a lot of hurdles. Inlanta was able to do what other could not and in short amount of time.
John V., Venice, FL
So open and upfront with every detail of the process. We’d gone first to a different mortgage company and was dissatisfied with their service and felt they did not have us, as first-time homebuyers, in the forefront. However, Inlanta was absolutely opposite. We needed hand holding…and we got it!
Carrie B., Appleton, WI
We really appreciate how you went above and beyond to get us into our house.
Michael & Brenda A., Wrightstown, WI
It was most refreshing to speak with you about this customer and the transaction with the concern being about the long term success and happiness of the client instead of just a sale. It has been my unfortunate experience to have worked with many processors and few advisers in these situations. Thank you for voicing your concerns and for being a conscientious service provider. I look forward to working with you.
Rob Moxon, REALTOR®, ERA Starr Realt
Yvette and Team Clermont have been amazing overall. They are the best!! They take you step by step through the process and do their best to get you where you want and need to be. I feel Team Clermont has followed through with all they said they would do. They made this process so stress free for me.
April F.